Seven Types of Spirit Guides

Spiritual traditions teach that each human being has seven spirit guides.

Spirit guides are spiritual beings who have lived a physical life and return in spirit to guide human beings. Although various spiritual traditions have different names for these guides, there are seven types. Followers believe one spirit guide remains with a person throughout his entire life, while others come and go on special occasions to teach, to protect, to drive away negative energies or to bring joy.

1 Gatekeeper Guide

The Gatekeeper Guide, sometimes called the Master Teacher Guide or Doorkeeper, is with a human being from birth to death. This guide inspires a person to help others and to keep on track toward personal life goals with pure and beneficial guidance.

This guide stands constantly at the energy gates of a person as protection against the negativity of the universe.

As main guide, the Gatekeeper Guide controls and monitors the other spirit guides who wish to work with a person. At the same time this spirit aids the individual to remain focused and grounded when working with other spirit guides.

2 Teacher Guide

A Teacher Guide inspires a person only at brief intervals during life. Guidance is given according to need regarding growth and spiritual development.

One Teacher Guide may work with the Gatekeeper Guides of many individuals, helping these people to develop compassion and moral sensitivity. Conversely, many Teacher Guides may help one person throughout life, each helping a person with a different aspect of her life.

3 Protector Guide

The job of a Protector Guide is to protect a human being whenever that person is in danger. This spirit guide is usually a large spirit with great strength and energy and always works in harmony with the Gatekeeper Guide.

4 Runner Guide

The Runner Guide is the spirit who connects human beings in dreams and at certain passionate moments with loved ones and missing items that are precious emotionally to the person.

This spirit guide comes and goes quickly, and can appear in visions or dreams. The appearance of this guide in dreams can be human in form, but this guide is most often clothed in the form of a spirit animal. It is this guide which presents itself during a session with a medium.

5 Helper Guide

The Helper Guide is present only in the direst moments in the life of a person. This guide is the medicine man or shaman, and his help and guidance are directed at the great stresses in a person’s life or with serious health problems.

6 Warrior Guide

The Warrior Guide is a warring guide whose role is to help a human being master fear and weakness. If a battle in any area of a person’s life needs to be fought, this guide will help.

Contrary to the other spirit guides, this one can lead a person into trouble and unnecessary battles. This guide must be followed with prudence and careful thought to ascertain whether the guidance is helpful.

7 Joy Guide

The job of the Joy Guide is to bring joy and happiness to a person at various times in her life, and to uplift her spirits when they sag.

Francine Juhasz has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a Qi Gong and yoga teacher, health and nutrition freelance journalist and featured self-help and life-skills speaker. For more than 30 years she has conducted programs, workshops, seminars and private counseling sessions in emotional, mental, marital and sexual health and fitness in universities, elder-care communities and community centers in both the U.S. and Europe.