What Are the Types of Psychic Attacks?

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The four primary categories of psychic attacks are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The first three are lower levels of attack and are easier to deal with. Spiritual attacks are considered very serious in the psychic world and should be approached with caution.

1 The Facts

According to The Psi-Zone, “A psychic attack can take the form of a thought form, negative prayer or elemental that has a bad or evil intent, (bad and evil being defined as not being in ones interest), and is directed at another person. Often the attack is intended to stop a person from trying to achieve a certain action, or actually harm the person him/herself. One of the key power of the psychic attack is it hits you are your weakest point.” A victim may experience an attack or attacks on more than one level at once. Attackers can be random, however, they are most likely someone that the victim knows, such as a jealous ex-boyfriend or a scorned friend. Most psychic attacks are unintentional.

2 Physical Attacks

Considered a low level attack, a psychic attack on the physical body typically comes in the form of mild physical conditions. These ailments include (but are not limited to): headaches, rashes, cramps, various aches and pains and stomach aches. This type of psychic attack is usually so mild, that it may in fact go unnoticed by the victim. It may also be difficult to pinpoint as an actual attack, given the vagueness of the symptoms caused.

3 Mental Attacks

Psychic attacks on the mind are medium level attacks. Since the psyche is involved, victims of such attacks may feel a variety of negative emotions or thoughts such as general depression, fear, guilt, hate or jealousy. Victims of mental psychic attacks may also be genuinely unaware of the attack against them. The quickest way to identify this attack is for the victim to realize these negative emotions or thoughts occurring have no actual basis and are often far stronger than the person’s typical negative mental state.

4 Emotional Attacks

A very general and common low level psychic attack, negative attacks on a person’s energy are intended to bring victims down on an emotional level. In fact, the aggressor need not be psychic at all. An emotional attack can be directed as simply as a well-placed verbal insult or negative comment. Essentially, the emotional attack is tightly linked to the spiritual attack. Attackers will focus negative thoughts or emotions against the victim.

5 Spiritual Attacks

This is the highest level of psychic attack. Attacks on the spirit result in extreme (and unusual) personality or mood swings. The victim may feel the desire to behave in ways he would not normally do, such as commit crimes, partake in immoral activities or by taking dangerous risks. If a curse or hex, (an intentional, extremely negative attack that takes place on a psychic level), is placed on an individual, he will often notice it on a spiritual level. The purpose of such an attack is to destroy or injure a victim spiritually. The attack comes across as a negative energy wave or simply as "evil." The best defense against a spiritual attack is to maintain healthy spiritual energy.

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