How to Salute a Chief Petty Officer

Attaing the rank of Chief Petty Officer requires several years of military leadership.

Earning the rank of Chief Petty Officer is evidence of significant years of service and leadership in the United States Navy or Coast Guard. It is the highest enlisted rank. Due to the years of service required to reach the rank, military personnel have more practical knowledge than entry-grade officers, such as ensigns and lieutenants. Chief Petty Officers can be saluted for their years of service in the Armed Forces.

Avoid addressing the Chief Petty Officer by her or his first name, regardless if you are a superior or a subordinate. Address the Chief Petty Officer as "Chief."

Hold a retirement ceremony for Chief Petty Officers who are leaving active military service. Invite family and friends to attend the event, where you offer a retrospective of the officer's career. The Chief Petty Officer is likely to have completed several tours of duty around the world. Highlight the Chief Petty Officer's years of service in a PowerPoint presentation, including the honorees favorite photos.

Write an opinion editorial upon the Chief Petty Officer's retirement or death. Submit the letter, including details about the Chief Petty Officer's career, family and personal characteristics to their hometown newspapers. Include anecdotes from the fellow military personnel, who can attest to the positive characteristics listed in the letter.

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