Queen Elizabeth II with President Barack Obama.

Royalty still holds a beloved place in English society even though most people don't know the protocol or how to act in the presence of the queen. If you should be lucky enough to meet the queen, she expects nothing more than common courtesy, as you would from her. However, there are some rules everyone should observe, even a president. Rudeness is unacceptable in all capacities.

Stand when the queen enters the room. You may bow, but that is not required. A lady may do a small curtsy, and a man could bow his head from his neck. If she extends her gloved hand to you, touch her hand briefly. A firm handshake is discouraged.

Address the Queen as "Your Majesty." Later on, address her as "Ma'am." If you address others in the royal family, male or female, the initial greeting is "Your Royal Highness" and follow with "Sir" or "Ma'am."

Pick appropriate topics of conversation. Don't discuss private issues or something you've read in the tabloids.

Do not touch the queen. There is no-touch rule observed by both sides during these meetings, except for when the queen offers her hand. Some English papers were shocked in 2009 When Queen Elizabeth II touched the shoulder of President Barack Obama during their first meeting.

Learn from mistakes in the past. Don't say "pleased to meet you." That's thought to be redundant because everyone is pleased to meet the Queen. It is also considered bad manners to chew gum around the queen, put an arm around her, kiss her hand, turn your back on her, or continue to eat once she has stopped.