How to Make Praise Flags

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Dance and praise on stage with creativity and fullness of expression by incorporating praise flags. Make praise flags available for your dance team to help express certain feelings, moods and atmospheres that dancing alone does not produce. Fabric and color selection makes all the difference in creating praise flags. Cut and sew your own flags to help familiarize you and your team with the new art medium. Keep the flags simple to make them powerful and emotive.

1 How to Make Praise Flags

2 Determine a budget

Determine a budget and determine how many different colors your team needs to be effective and move with the Spirit. Colors each have their own meaning prophetically. Usually red, purple, gold, blue and green suffice for a team just starting out.

3 Choose your fabrics wisely

Choose your fabrics wisely. Notice differences in sheen, weight, color and movement. Silk and silk essence fabrics weigh the least and move the best. Price them by the yard. Take back samples if you're making a decision as a team. Determine how many flags you want to make of each color and write down the yards you plan on needing of each color. Plan for no more than three flags of each color to avoid waste. Purchase the fabric and any predetermined decals or extra fabric for making designs sewn into the flags.

4 Cut the fabric into rectangular pieces

Cut the fabric into rectangular pieces, no larger than 2 feet x 3 feet to keep them manageable. Sew a straight hem on three of the sides of each flag. On the fourth side, sew a pocket that a pole can be put through. Sew the top end of the pocket closed so that the pole will not poke through the end. Make sure the pocket seam is sturdy and secure.

5 Add decals

Add decals through heat transfer or by sewing the patterns into the flag as an optional last step. Some common decals used include lions, doves and fire. Place these as you choose, but use only one per flag to keep the flags uncomplicated, focused and able to move unencumbered.