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Westcott makes a wide range of pencil sharpeners designed to give your pencil the perfect point every time. This is especially true of the iPoint line of sharpeners that use special sensors to automatically stop the blades once a perfect point is achieved. Advanced versions of the sharpener even have auto-feed and auto-eject, which makes sharpening a hands-free task. Most consumer reviews complain about the instructions for the Westcott iPoint pencil sharpener line being incomplete. But a few simple steps will help you through the process of using your model correctly.

Set up your iPoint sharpener

Set up your iPoint sharpener by inserting batteries into the battery-operated model. Most models use AA batteries, but the quantity of batteries may vary between models. Plug in an electric sharpener.

Insert a dull pencil

Insert a dull pencil into the slot on the top of the unit. Push down until the blade begins to turn on most models. Hold the pencil in place until the blade turns off automatically. Models with auto-feed and auto-eject do not require you to hold the pencil in place.

Remove the pencil

Remove the pencil from the top slot and use as normal.


Empty the iPoint once the shavings inside of the shavings reservoir reach midway. Hold the base of the sharpener in one hand, and twist the reservoir cap counterclockwise until it comes off. Dump out the shavings and replace the lid.

Things Needed

  • ['Westcott iPoint Sharpener', 'Batteries (optional)', 'Electrical outlet']


  • The lid may or may not be a different color than the shavings reservoir.