Form a Youth Choir at Church

When there are youth at your church who enjoy music and singing, forming a youth choir could be a good way to get the children interested in church activities. Having the children be a part of the choir will make them feel more like a part of the church and even give some of them a purpose.

Place an announcement in the Sunday bulletins or monthly church newsletters.

Have different age groups for different parts of the children choir to rate the level of difficulty.


Host a weekly night practice for the children so that they can work on their music for church service.


Let the children have an active part in the music that is chosen for service and special holiday occasions so that they will be more interested and excited about performing.


Let the children perform once or twice a month or whenever you can get them on the Sunday schedule.


Take the summers off so that children can rest. Also during the summer, many go on vacations or summer camps as well.