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ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) oversees the network of websites that make up the Internet. Each website owner must provide identifying information about his or her website through an information depository commonly referred to as "Whois." This information includes the name and address of the website owner as well as that of the web host. You can also determine the date when a website was first created (published to the web) by looking up Whois data.

Go to a Whois data search website. Popular services include, and These services are connected to the central ICANN database, so they have updated website listings.

Type the website address into the search box—all you need is the domain name (such as Click enter to search for information about the website.

Scroll down the results until you reach the "Basic Registrant Information" or similar. Look for the "Created on" date—this will show the day, month and year when the website was first created.