Daisy Girl Scout Activities

Girl Scout Daisies build friendships.

Girl Scouts is a youth organization designed to teach young girls how to become community helpers and leaders, work in teams and volunteer for charitable causes. Girl Scout Daisies are girl scouts who are in kindergarten and first grade. These groups of girls are the first in the stages of girl scouts, and their troop leaders are responsible for coming up with activities for the girls to do in inclusive, safe environments.

1 Icebreaker Activities

Girl Scout Daisy meetings start out with icebreaker activities. An icebreaker is a game that is played to let the girls become comfortable with one another and learn about each other. The troop leader decides which types of icebreaker activities to play with the troop. Some examples of icebreakers include the human knot and toss-the-string. The human knot is an activity where the Daisies stand in a circle and hold hands with the girls next to them and across from them. Then, the troop leader instructs them to move around without letting go of each other's hands. The objective of the activity is for the girls to untangle themselves from the human knot by working together and coming up with a plan. Toss-the-string is an activity that involves throwing a ball of yarn around the circle of girls to create a web. Each time the ball of yarn is thrown, the girl must call out the other Daisy's name to catch the ball.

2 Camping Activities

Camping is a common Daisy Girl Scout activity that troop leaders organize for the girls. At this young age, Daisies may not be ready for overnight camping trips, but they can participate in a day camping trip. A day camping trip is one that takes place over a 12-hour period at a council-approved camping site. Girls have the chance to hike trails, look at the nature in the environment and do some bonding exercises in the outdoors. Snacks and water are important to bring along, and troop leaders also let the Daisies know what to pack in their backpacks for the camping trip.

3 Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are an integral part of Daisy activities. Kindergartners and first-graders enjoy being creative and hands-on with projects, so many troop leaders incorporate arts and crafts activities into their troop meetings. The arts and crafts activities may be theme-based. For instance, if the troop meeting takes place around Halloween, the troop leader may design a Halloween-inspired arts and crafts activity for the Daisies to work on, such as making ghost puppets out of brown paper bags or decorating a pumpkin to look like a witch. Daisies get to take their masterpieces home with them after the troop meeting.

4 Community Activities

Daisies get a feel for what it's like to work in the community as a Girl Scout. Community activities may include taking a trip to a book fair fundraiser at the local library, visiting a fire station for a tour or attending events hosted by the older Girl Scout troops.

5 Cookie Sales

Daisies sell Girl Scout cookies. Troop leaders set up cookie booths, and the girls are told to sell as many boxes as possible to raise money. Cookie sales are a big activity for young Daisies. The activity teaches girls how to interact with people, complete transactions and make sales, all with the supervision of parents and adult volunteers.

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