Many insurance and disability plans allow patients to purchase new wheelchairs on a regular basis. However, thousands of people in the United States who need wheelchairs are not insured and do not have access to low-cost wheelchairs. Donating used wheelchairs is an easy way to help people with disabilities save hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention a lot of frustration. Many organizations will pick up your old wheelchair or pay to ship the wheelchair at no cost to you.

Find a donation location for your used wheelchair (see Resources). Some organizations operate statewide, while others are nationwide. Several organizations donate used wheelchairs internationally, and others keep the donations local.

Do not repair your broken or heavily used wheelchair before donation. Even if your wheelchair is broken or not in perfect condition, many organizations will repair the wheelchair at absolutely no cost to you or the recipient. These wheelchairs are called "refurbished," and they often look and work as good as new after the repairs.

Find events hosted in your state at which donated wheelchairs are accepted. Some cities hold wheelchair collection events, such as 1000 Wheels, hosted by Chariots of Hope. Some organizations also collect money to cover the repair costs for any broken or worn wheelchairs they receive.