How to Construct a Christian Men's Fellowship

According to C. Recent research, 86 percent of men grew up in church or at least attended church.

Men really do need other men to strengthen them during difficult times. According to the Barna report 2000, 46 percent of women identified themselves as born again Christians, where as 36 percent of men claimed to be born again. With such low men turnout in American churches, a men’s fellowship could be apart of the solution to reaching men in local churches.A Christian Men’s Fellowship helps facilitate the gathering of Christian men for the purpose of sharing experiences, encouragement, support and biblical study. The resultant of such a fellowship is men who are strong, encouraged, fortified, better husbands, fathers and men living a life that exemplifies Jesus Christ.

Pray for the development of the fellowship. Ask the Lord to send laborers to work with the men’s fellowship who will be dedicated and passionate about reaching men. Pray for a clear vision for the fellowship. Ask the spirit of God for wisdom in the development of the fellowship structure.

Seek Pastoral support. Garner the support of the pastor to provide the extra push behind the ministry. Ask for the use of the church’s facilities, funding for events and encouragement from the pulpit to gather the men for fellowship opportunities.

Define the mission. Outline what the men’s fellowship will be responsible for doing in the lives of men. Determine what type of curriculum will be used to guide the biblical development of the men. Select a leader who will be able to implement the mission and vision of the men’s fellowship. Establish the objectives that must be accomplished within a year’s time.For example, the men’s fellowship will conduct seven fellowship activities within one year. The men’s fellowship will ensure that each man has an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ.

Advertise the fellowship to the men of the local church. Make the appeal to attend attractive and appropriate for men. Ensure that the events are orderly and timely. Deliberately reach out to men one on one to gather support for the men’s events. Put something in the hands of the men during church services to remind them of the fellowship activities.

Based in Virginia, Kevin M. Jackson has been writing professionally since 2003. He is the author of the books "Life Lessons for My Sons" and "When GOD Speaks." Jackson holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Savannah State University and a Master of Arts in urban education from Norfolk State University.