How to Be Baptized in the Lutheran Church. Parents can decide to baptize their infants in the Lutheran Church. This baptism initiates a commitment on the part of the parents or sponsors to continue to nurture the child in the ways taught in the Bible. Adults may also be baptized.

Set up a meeting with the pastor of your local Lutheran church. Baptism is said to lead to the forgiveness of sins. A full understanding of the purpose and responsibilities of baptism is necessary before you can gain approval to be baptized.

Talk to your pastor about the doctrinal belief of the Lutheran Church regarding baptism. The purpose is to fulfill the scriptural mandate in Matthew 28:19 and Mark 16:16, whereby one obeys the command of God.

Complete any studies that are required of adults before being baptized. Each congregation varies in terms of the frequency and availability of instructional classes.

Plan infant baptism in advance. As the time for delivery comes close, schedule a meeting with your pastor to discuss the appropriate age for baptizing your newborn. Having your infant baptized is making a commitment to teach your child about God throughout his formative years. This is done through Sunday School, family devotions and confirmation instructions.

Take into account the scope of benefits believed to be given to an infant during water baptism. Lutherans believe baptism is a gift of God that is imparted to the child.

Take the baptismal covenant seriously. In taking the steps to have your child or children baptized, you agree to the "Exhortation to the Sponsors" of "The Order of Holy Baptism." You can learn more about this at different Lutheran websites (see Resources below).

Expect baptism to be performed using the sprinkle method. While other denominations perform baptism by immersion, the Lutherans believe that the Word of God and the water are all that is required for a valid baptism. The method is not the focus.


  • If neither parent has been baptized in the Lutheran Church, ask your local pastor about the requirements for infant baptism. Inquire about the right to receive communion for those who have not been baptized. It is the stand of the Lutheran Church that baptism in water is necessary before partaking of the Lord's Supper. Exceptions, however, may be made by the local pastor.