Representatives in the state assembly usually have a close relationship with members of their district. People have a greater chance of coming in contact with a member of the state assembly than a U.S. Representative. Regardless of the level of government, addressing an elected official can be confusing. There is an abundance of available titles from which to choose. The proper manner of addressing a state assembly member depends upon the situation.


Whether writing an email or letter, the salutations are the same. Greet the assembly member as, “Dear Mr. /Ms.” For letters, address the envelope to the “Honorable (full name)”.

In Person

State Assembly members usually receive the title of “Mister” or “Miss,” respectively. When introducing the representative, the proper form is, “Mr. /Ms., who is a member of the State Assembly.” It is also proper, after introductions, to subsequently refer to the politician as “Assembly Member,” or “Assemblyman/Assemblywoman,” as a sign of respect.