How to Attend the Republican Party National Convention. Attending the Republican National Convention is a dream for many Republicans. Unfortunately, the Republican National Convention is not open to the public and unless you are a politician or a member of the media, it is going to be hard to get in the doors. You could become a delegate, however, if you are serious about attending the Republican National Convention. Read further to find out how.

Be sure that you are eligible to vote and are deemed a Republican as a matter of public record. If you have voted as a Republican previously, you should be qualified.

Contact your state or local Republican Party offices for information on becoming a delegate. You can find contact information for state Republican offices on the Republican Party website.

File for candidacy to become a delegate for your congressional district. The exact process to file your statement of candidacy may differ from state to state, but it is a necessary part of the process that must not be overlooked. There is a deadline by which you will have to be filed, which will probably occur earlier in the year that the Republican National Convention takes place.

Follow the necessary steps of the delegate process. This may involve becoming a delegate for a county convention at which delegates for the state convention will be chosen. At the state convention delegates will be chosen for the Republican National Convention. You must be present and active in each step if you are serious about going to the convention.