Anointing yourself or someone else with oil is a common ancient religious practice that is still practiced today. The anointing symbolically marks you as sacred and within the protection of the highest deity or god you worship.

How to Anoint With Oil

Sacred Oil can be used in a variety of different ways. Placing drops of the oil on places that hurt or symbolic points, such as your wrists and palms, symbolize the cleansing, purity and sanctity of Christ or other religious figures.

Allowing someone else close to you to anoint your pressure points can be very helpful as it is sometimes difficult to detect your own power centers. Having someone anoint you can help you to relax and open yourself to the healing and benefits of the oil and aromatherapy.

Anointing yourself can also be a daily self-practice or type of meditation that you use to focus energy and healing into your chakras and power centers.

Some religious practices only allow higher up clergy or members use this practice. Depending on your view and use of the oil, you can tailor it to your personal uses.

Martial artists often anoint themselves and their power points with oil to help with awareness, alertness, and balance their chi during fights.