As with any object used in spiritual practice, the significance of crystals lies in an individual’s belief system. In terms of crystals, you find both traditional and modern manifestations of incorporating crystals into spiritual practice.


The use of crystals for religious application dates back thousands of years, as described at Used in various ways, including as part of rituals and for adornment, priests, shamans and healers have traditionally used crystals as elements of their spiritual practices.


Emphasis of the modern spiritual perception of crystals, such as New Age spirituality, focuses on perceptions of energy and vibration that believers attribute to crystals. For some individuals, the colors invested in any of various crystals also invests spiritual meaning.

Example: Amethyst

Some spiritual seekers regard this purple crystal as having the ability to impart energies that enhance such desirable conditions as courage, peace and inner strength.

Example: Quartz

Adherents to the spiritual and religious properties of crystal regard quartz crystal as having the ability to forward diagnostic healing and to enhance thoughts and energy.

Spirit World

Some who look upon crystals as having spiritual potency regard certain crystals as having usefulness in terms of communicating with angels and other non-corporal spirits. Among other crystals, proponents regard both quartz and amethyst as invested with this property.