How to Give a Relationship a Second Shot

When rekindling a relationship, spend time together doing things you both enjoy.
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Some relationships are worth giving a second chance. If you and your partner decide to pursue this, there are things you can do to better your odds of success. Be honest about the issues in your relationship and what must happen in order to fix them. Do not get stuck in the past; focus on the here and now. Work on your own self-esteem so that you're the best partner you can be, for this relationship or another.

1 Honesty Is the Best Policy

If you want to give your relationship another chance you need to be honest about what needs work. Examine the issues that caused your relationship to break up to begin with, advises psychologist Pam Spurr. Speak with your partner about what each of your issues are in order to attempt to work past them and rebuild your relationship.

2 Remember the Positives

Even though your relationship may have serious issues that need addressing, it's important that you spend time focusing on the positives, too. The good aspects of your relationship are things you and your partner can build on, says psychologist Guy Winch in Psychology Today. Share with your partner the things you like about your relationship and about his personality. Ask him to share the same with you. This gives you both a positive place to work from, and a good foundation to build upon.

3 No Looking Back

If you and your partner are working toward rebuilding your relationship, it's harmful to keep bringing up past issues, according to the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. Once you have decided to work toward rebuilding, it's important to air your grievances and then agree to forgive and move forward. If you continuously bring up the past, your partner may feel she will be punished indefinitely and not want to rekindle the relationship.

4 Work on Yourself

A relationship takes two dedicated partners in order to work. The more you work on your flaws and insecurities the better you are for your relationship, says psychotherapist Deborah Hecker in an article in the Huffington Post. The stronger your own self-esteem and self-image the more you have to offer a partner. When your partner sees you working on yourself it may also encourage him to do the same. Whether or not your relationship works, you will benefit from working on your personal issues.

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