Funny Ways to Tell If You Are in Love

Love can make you feel obsessed.
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Most people can tell whether they are in love by the way that they feel. Excitement, happiness and ecstasy are common emotional responses that accompany being in love. However, there are some funny -- and slightly odd -- signs that also show you may have been struck by Cupid's arrow and have fallen head over heels.

1 You Sweat More

You've put the air conditioner on full blast. You've chewed some ice cubes. You've taken a shower for so long that your mom's banging on the bathroom door -- but no matter what you do, you can't stop the pesky problem of perspiration. And holding hands with your new love is a slippery prospect, due to your super-sweaty mitts. When people start to fall in love, they produce more norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter released by the brain and adrenal glands. A rush of norepinephrine causes the flighty feelings of love and can also make you sweat more.

2 You Can't Eat

Your sweetheart has invited you out for dinner, but when your meal comes, you can't even manage to eat a morsel. In fact, your date is making you salivate much more than what's on the menu. The reason that you can lose your appetite when you fall in love is due to an extra release of phenylethylamine, which, along with norepinephrine, causes you to find food far less interesting. These two brain chemicals also allow humans to hone in on targets, so it's not surprising that as you fall in love, your other half becomes the focus of your world.

3 You're Getting Obsessed

When you are lovestruck, you may behave in ways that seem beyond your control. You may see your sweetheart's name in the clouds or absentmindedly draw hearts all over your homework. If you're totally obsessed, love chemicals may be to blame, research published in "Psychological Medicine" showed. Guys and girls who had just fallen in love had lower levels of serotonin, the report, "Alteration of the Platelet Serotonin Transporter in Romantic Love," revealed. During testing on lovestruck students, it was found that they had levels of serotonin as low as patients with untreated obsessive compulsive disorder.

4 You Sniff His Sweater

Do you catch yourself sniffing his sweater when he's not around? If you can't resist your boyfriend's whiff, it's a sure sign that you've fallen for him. Body odor attracts people to each other, according to a study, "MHC Genes, Body Odours, and Odour Preferences," carried out by Swiss zoologist Claus Wedekind and published in "Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation." So yes, you can be drawn to the sweaty smell of your guy's T-shirt.

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