How to Chew Food Quietly

Take small, manageable bites to avoid loud chewing.
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While noisy chewing may not bother you if you eat alone, it may be a little off-putting to others in some social settings, such as at a dinner at a fine restaurant or a meal with the in-laws. Chewing quietly often is just a matter of eating mindfully rather than scarfing down the foot at record speed. Taking your time and eating manageable bite-sized portions allows you to enjoy the meal more and lessens the chance of choking on your food.

Eat food in small, bite-sized portions so it is easy to chew with your mouth closed.

Take a slow, relaxing breath as you prepare for each bite. Being mindful and taking your time with each bite serve as reminders to eat slowly.

Keep your mouth closed as you chew each food portion; this means no talking or taking a sip of a beverage while food is in your mouth.

Chew food at least 20 times per bite for maximum digestive benefit to break down food completely. Focusing on the number of bites helps you slow down on eating and makes you more aware of any noises made while chewing.

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