Free Youth Sermons and Lessons

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Youth respond more readily to sermons and lessons that are taught on their level, and with the abundance of free materials available, it is easy to find material on the topics you want to convey to them. Free youth sermons and lessons provide many benefits to leaders and teachers. Not only do you have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing the sermon or lesson you need, but you also have a chance to make the material your own through tweaking the information presented.

1 Significance

Free youth sermons and lessons are an important part of many churches. This is especially true of new churches and small churches that have very limited budgets for teaching materials. Church leaders recognize the importance of teaching youth about God and Jesus to help them form a greater faith, as well as bring in more youth who need to hear the important lessons taught in the Bible. Having access to free youth sermons and lessons is a welcome relief to many.

2 Features

Free youth sermons should include basic elements to bring the whole topic of the sermon together. These elements include an introduction to the sermon topic. This can be accomplished through a relevant story related to the topic, reading a passage from the Bible that the topic is based on, or even using a video that has meaning to the topic. Next, the sermon moves on to an in-depth discussion about the topic. This discussion can be interactive or given in a lecture style. Finally, the sermon wraps up with a summary of the topic. When working with youth, there is controversy as to whether or not a sermon should be interactive. Some believe that an interactive sermon holds a youth's interest, while others debate that an interactive sermon creates mayhem and disorganization.

Free youth lessons can be just as effective as lessons purchased through major manufacturers, such as Standard Publishing and Group Publishing. Lessons that work best with youth include much interaction, either with classroom discussions or hands-on activities, such as crafts or games.

3 Time Frame

Besides keeping a sermon upbeat, it is important to begin and end a sermon on time. An adult pastor usually delivers a sermon for at least 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the church. A youth pastor should keep a sermon between 20 to 30 minutes. The rest of the time can be filled with sing-along music, testimonies from the congregation and time for allowing new believers to come forward.

Youth lessons, on the other hand, should take up the entire time allotted for the lesson, which is generally 45 minutes to an hour. When prepared properly, there will not be much down time where the kids become restless and bored.

4 Considerations

There are free sermons and youth lessons that are suitable for different denominations. Make sure you choose a sermon or lesson that is compatible with your church's beliefs. You do not want to run the risk of delivering the best sermon of your life just to find out the leaders in your church have become indignant with you. Youth are very impressionable and often take what they learn to heart. When you are teaching about beliefs, it is important that the youth receive the right message, no matter which denomination you follow.

5 Expert Insight

Free youth sermons and lessons are a great way to go when you want to find fresh and new content. Many of the sermons and lessons are submitted by folks who actually write their own material, so you will undoubtedly find different ways to present information on the same topic. An added bonus to using free sermons and lessons is that you can fine-tune what you find to create your own materials to match exactly what you want to preach about or teach in the classroom. You are never limited to teaching exactly what is in front of you, if you have the option to choose your own materials at your church.