Audiovisual aids strengthen an instructor's verbal presentation while helping his students capture a specific message. Audiovisual aids keep an audience's attention throughout a presentation and help them remember particular information. If instructors use simple, efficient aids, they will enhance their teaching.

Training Aids

Usually instructors will use training aids, for instance, instructional videos, to help students understand a particular subject or idea. DVDs or videotapes cover an assortment of topics, allowing the teacher to select premade material to enhance his subject. Training aids can be played on an MP3 player, laptop, TV or CD player.

Presentation Slides

Teachers create their own presentation slides to add personality to lessons. They can use graphics, music, photos and charts as needed for each component of a topic. Computer programs that create slides include Microsoft PowerPoint, Goggle Presentation, Adobe Publisher and Apple Keynote.

Digital Projectors

Digital projectors allow instructors to display 3-D images large enough for the audience to view and to demonstrate material or simulate assembly of components for a particular project.

Audio Recordings

Instructors who want to include a speech or lecture from an authoritarian source use audio recordings to supplement class discussions.


Multimedia combines elements from a variety of audiovisual aids, allowing a teacher to use his own materials with others'. Multimedia may use websites, slide shows, computer-based training courses and TV in one teaching session. Multimedia offers an arrangement of communication tools for an audience that may include several learning styles.