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School projects are vital to a student's success in school and can demonstrate to teachers that the student understands required material. Completing a school project in one day is a daunting task, but one that is attainable with the right timeline and frame of mind.

Working on your Project

Take out your tablet

Take out your tablet of paper and your pen and begin writing a "to-do" list. Write down key elements of your project in order of importance, noting what you will need to do to complete each step. Organize each of the elements into smaller numbered groupings down the side of your page based on the type of activity.

Begin working

Begin working on the first numbered item on your list. Type and print any necessary documents, essays, labels, or materials on your computer that are needed to begin piecing together your final project. Take a break after completing your first main task and cross off the completed number from the list.


Return to your work by starting on the next item on your list. After completing this item, cross it off and repeat until you've finished the entire list.

Find a friend

Find a friend or relative to view or read your final project. Ask the individual to inform you of any pieces they deem missing. Add new materials and ideas to your project.

Things Needed

  • ['Tablet of paper', 'Pen', 'Textbook or necessary classroom material', 'Computer', 'Printer']