English Corner Speaking Topics

Encouraging natural conversations can help people learn a language.

English Corners are run across the world and are designed to help non-native English speakers practice and learn more English. An English Corner can help students get to grips with the English language by holding genuine conversations, or by using language they may well need to converse in everyday situations. There are a number of topics that can be used in English Corners to get new conversations going.

1 Music

Discussing music and the lyrics to songs is an inclusive subject matter as most people are likely to have something to say about it. Ask participants to translate the names of their favorite songs and explain some of the lyrics. Or you could play some English songs and discuss what they mean, focusing on and learning any unfamiliar words along the way.

Vocabulary Builder

2 Food

Eating and foodstuffs is another subject area that everyone can participate in. Prompt participants to talk about their favorite foods, what food they like to eat in restaurants, and whether they like cooking. You could also encourage students to describe their favorite dishes to each other, including how they are made.

3 Weekends

Encouraging conversations about the weekends can help participants expand their vocabularies by talking about what they like to do in their free time. Everybody is different so you may hear some more unusual hobbies come up along with more widely enjoyed pastimes. Go with the flow and see where the conversation goes.

4 Current Affairs

Use something that’s been in the news recently as a speaking topic. Not only will it help students to expand their vocabularies on relevant and up-to-date subjects, but it will also help them to learn more about the country they are staying in.

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