Educational Science Websites for Kids

Kids science websites abound in experiments kids can do at home.

A number of websites are devoted to making science understandable and exciting for children. On these sites, kids find science facts about objects they see in their world and instructions on how to perform experiments with common household items. Kids also find help with science topics they are having a hard to time understanding or need to research for school.

1 Brain POP

Brain POP ( is an educational website that is designed to present educational content to kids in an engaging way. Brain POP has several different sections, including science. Brain POP educators provide lesson plans and tutorials for students and teachers. In the science section of the Brain POP website, kids learn about genetics, ecology, chemistry and matter, space and weather. The page for each subject includes written information as well as related videos.

2 Science with Me!

Science with Me! ( is an interactive website that allows kids to learn science and then share their findings with the Science with Me! community. The website has worksheets, coloring books, animations and articles that are centered on science. Subjects covered on Science with Me! include the human body, astronomy, physics, plants, animals and earth science. Kids also learn about famous scientists or find projects to complete.

3 Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy ( is a scientist and comedian who has created educational television shows and written books about science, mostly geared towards kids. His website includes a section for kids and teachers that offers links to home demonstrations and videos from his “Bill Nye the Science Guy” television show. Kids can also take a pop quiz to test their knowledge of science.

4 Funology

The website Funology ( is designed to give kids something educational to do while on the Internet or off of it. This science website includes experiments that kids can do with objects commonly found around the house. The Wacky Facts section of the website lists different facts about the objects that kids see on a daily basis as well as facts about the universe.

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