Activities or Ideas on Jesus' Resurrection for Kids

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Easter is a central holiday in Christianity. Whether at home, church or in a Christian school, children can learn about Jesus' resurrection in many different ways. Engaging object lessons, inspiring crafts, surprising baking projects and simple activity pages are some of the ways children can celebrate this important holiday and get a better appreciation of the meaning behind it.

1 Object Lessons

You can show objects related to the Easter story to your children to explain the resurrection. For example, take three Easter eggs and fill each with a small cross, a piece of fabric or a rock. Leave a fourth egg empty. Open the eggs with your children, and discuss how Jesus died on a cross, was wrapped in cloth and buried in a tomb that was blocked by a large rock. Open the fourth, empty egg and talk about how the tomb was empty after Jesus' resurrection.

2 Cross Necklace

Crafts involving a cross are an appropriate choice for celebrating Easter if your church uses the image of an empty cross to represent Jesus' resurrection. One option is to make a cross necklace from homemade paper beads. You can make paper beads by tightly rolling triangular pieces of paper around a toothpick, gluing the paper down, allowing the bead to dry and removing the toothpick.

Tie two pieces of craft lace together into the shape of a cross, string the beads onto the lace and hang the cross from a long piece of craft lace to complete the necklace. As you work, point out that this cross, unlike a crucifix, does not include an image of Jesus dying, but both symbols can be used to remind Christians of his resurrection from the dead.

3 Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls are a tasty way to celebrate Easter with your children. Dip a large marshmallow in melted butter, and roll the marshmallow in cinnamon sugar. Wrap the marshmallow in a piece of refrigerated crescent dough, and bake the roll at 350 degrees until golden brown. As the rolls bake, the marshmallow expands and bursts, leaving an inflated, hollow roll your children can enjoy while remembering the empty tomb found on Easter.

4 Activity Pages

Word searches, homemade puzzles and coloring pages all give children a chance to learn and review portions of the Easter story. You can create a custom word search including the details of the story that you want children to remember. Another activity option is to print a picture depicting Jesus' resurrection, allow children to color it, laminate the page and then cut it into multiple puzzle pieces for continued play.

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