How to Describe an Old Home

A setting with an old home can provide an eery backdrop to a story or essay.

Using an old home as an element of an essay or a story can provide a spooky or mysterious backdrop to the story. First, consider and describe several elements of the old house. Focusing on the imagery, including sights, sounds and feelings surrounding an old home is a unique way to influence the reader.

Describe the house's general appearance. Focus on elements of the home's appearance that indicate its age. For example, the floor panels might be pulling up, the paint may be peeling off the walls and the shutters could be crooked.

Mention the house's smell. Use adjectives like musky, damp, dank or stale to describe the aged environment.

Include details about the temperature and atmosphere of the house. Describe the home as chilly, vacant or bare. Use imagery such as dusty furniture or dark hallways to detail the home's age.

Add details about the sounds the reader might hear in the home. You can include creaking stairs or floorboards, whistling in the windows, or mysterious noises in the attic.

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