How to Kill Scorpions in Your Home

Removing scorpions from your home is important.

Nearly 1,200 species of scorpions exist globally. Up to 40 are venomous. One of the more dangerous species in the United States is the Arizona bark scorpion, according to Orkin. The Arizona bark scorpion can cause lethal stings, especially in young children and the elderly. Scorpions tend to prefer dwellings that contain prey such as insects; which is why scorpions will find their way into your home. You can effectively remove a few scorpions from your home. However, if you find you have a large infestation on your hands, enlisting the help of a certified pest control operator will help.

Turn the lights off in your home. Scorpions are nocturnal and will generally hide during the day. Use a black light to spot scorpions within your home. Scorpions will fluoresce under a black light.

Crush scorpions with a close-toed shoe. Alternatively, you can smash scorpions with a ball-peen hammer.

Remove scorpions with tongs, recommends The University of Arizona College of Agricultural & Life Sciences. Place the dead scorpions into a sealable bag and dispose of them in your trash.

Spray the interior and exterior of your home with an insecticide that contains chemicals such as permethrin or cypermethrin among others, suggests The Texas A&M University. Ensure that doors, windows and other entry points are sprayed.

Place scorpion glue traps inside your home. Scorpions are attracted to the scent released from the glue traps and they kill scorpions on contact. Throw out the traps after capturing any scorpions.