Printable alphabet letters are inexpensive, educational and can provide entertainment for families, day care centers or preschools. Free printable alphabet letters are available online and if you laminate the individual letters, they will last for some time.

Step 1

Color the alphabet letters. Use markers, paint, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, pastels, glitter or sequins to color or decorate the letters after you've printed them from the computer.

Step 2

Laminate the decorated letters on a laminating machine. This process covers the letters with a clear plastic to make them more sturdy.

Step 3

Decorate with alphabet letters. Buy matted photo frames to hang on the wall so the child's artwork looks more professional. Hang a letter or letters of the week as artwork. Change the alphabet letters as you go through the alphabet each week.

Step 4

String a clothes line and hang the letters from the line by a clothespin for a cheaper version of decorating with alphabet letters.

Step 5

Set the table with laminated alphabet letters as the placemat. Discuss words that begin with the letters on the placemats during lunch or dinner.


  • This process will be fun for the whole family. It will get your juices flowing and be invaluable for your children!