Classroom Art Activities for Natural Disasters

You can create classroom art activities based on natural disasters.

Weather and natural disasters provide a great theme for teaching a variety of concepts. Choose to focus on natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes that may occur in the area you live. You can develop many art activities based on hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

1 Create a Hurricane

Show the class a photograph of a hurricane taken from outer space. Ask the students to recreate this using paper and cotton. To make the cloud rings of the hurricane, glue the cotton to a blank sheet of paper in a circular formation.

2 Tornado Safety

Show pictures of tornadoes and ask the class to paint a picture of a tornado using tempera paint or watercolors. Then ask each student to write a story about tornado safety. Ask him to include what should be done to stay safe during a tornado warning.

3 World Hurricane Map

Hurricanes form over the ocean and hit on coasts all over the world. Ask students to draw or paint a map of the world and label the places where these natural disasters are likely to come ashore. Use a variety of art supplies such as markers or paints. Discuss how to prepare if a hurricane watch or warning is issued in your area.

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