Children's Lesson About Revelations

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Revelations is the last book of the Bible, containing a number of prophecies and information about heaven. This book can be complicated for many adults, so children may have an especially difficult time understanding it. To make Revelations accessible to children, tailor your lessons to their level of understanding and to the parts of the book that are relevant to their lives.

1 A Place in Heaven

In Revelations, children can learn about the Lamb's Book of Life, which is a book containing the names of all the people who believe in Jesus and have lived with Jesus in their hearts. The notes from Thomas Nelson Publishing's King James Study Bible state that "only redeemed and glorified people will have access to or dwell in the New Jerusalem," or the city of God. Children can learn from this passage that if they try to live Christian lifestyles and follow Jesus' teachings, he will write their name in the Lamb's Book of Life and they will get to live in his city when he returns to the Earth.

"The Word and Song Bible" explains to children that "one day soon, Jesus will break through the clouds and come back to this earth to claim His children." Children can learn to prepare for this day by trying to follow Christian principles and doctrine.

2 Description of Heaven

In Revelations, Jesus gave John a description of what heaven would look like. "Bible Stories to Live By" explains to children that Jesus "showed John the beauty of His home in Heaven, where there is no sickness, no sadness, and no night." Children may be especially interested in this description of heaven, since many children are afraid of the dark and do not like to feel sad. Knowing that Jesus promises them a place to live where they will no longer have to experience sickness, sadness or darkness can be something for children to look forward to.

The King James Study Bible explains that these promises are available to anyone who wants to join the Christian church. Revelations 21:6 states, "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely." When teaching children, explain to them that the book of Revelations teaches them that heaven is a place anyone can go if they ask Jesus to take them there.

3 Promises Fulfilled

Revelations is full of prophecies. These prophecies may be a little too complicated for children to fully understand. What they can comprehend, however, is the idea that the prophecies are full of promises. God and Jesus have promised that Jesus will return to the Earth in the future, and that he will take his faithful followers to heaven to live forever. Children can take comfort in the knowledge that God keeps his promises, and that if they continue to live the Christian faith they can receive the benefits of these promises when they are fulfilled.