Students can find online help for calculus problems and explanations.

Calculus is a study of changes in mathematics. It is gateway math course, with applications in physics, engineering and other sciences. Calculus is a difficult course to understand. For that reason, students need someplace they can go to find explanations and answers. There are several online sources students can go to for help with calculus problems.

What Is Calculus?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, calculus provides a way for students to construct relatively simple quantitative models of change, and to discuss their consequences. To study calculus is to study the fundamentals of change, which means change that occurs quickly over tiny intervals of time. MIT notes that the beginning of calculus starts with numbers and functions, then moves to differentiation (derivatives) of functions and how derivatives are used to solve different types of problems, the integration of functions, the use of functions to solve geometric problems and describing functions by power.

Online Calculus Problem Solving

Because calculus involves a student's ability to think about mathematics differently than before, students need to learn new tools to solve problem. The approach to calculus problem solving is different as well, using multiple steps. There are many online calculus problem-solving websites. My Calculus offers sample problems and a problem-solving application where students can plug in an equation in order to solve it. Quick Math also offers a problem-solver online and is in two sections: one for differentiation, another or integration.


There are also calculus sites that offer not only problem solving tools but also step-by-step explanations for problem solving. Mathway has a calculus problem-solver, with step-by-step explanations and examples of similar problems. Calc 101 also has explanations and example problems. Hotmath has help for calculus problems with explanations. CalcChat provides problem solving, explanations in real time, calculus information and calculus problem examples. Also, My Calculus provides explanations as well as a problem-solving tool.

Online Tutorials

Calculus students often don't just need explanations and calculus problem-solving applications, they need online tutorials. There are several online free calculus tutorials available. Harvey Mudd College, a small private college in California which is one of the top engineering schools in the country, offers a free math tutorial for calculus and precalculus. Analyze Math also offers free calculus problems, explanations, and tutorials. Also, Lamar University has a website that offers tutorials, problem examples, explanations, class notes, cheats and test reviews.