Business Research Paper Topics

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The world of business is complex and competitive. By composing a business-related research paper you can effectively explore this world of consumers, goods and monetary exchanges. There are numerous interesting topics to consider when composing your business research paper. Select an interesting topic to turn your research paper composition process into an engaging activity.

1 Diversity in the Workplace

Many companies aim to promote and accept workplace diversity. Research practices that business can undertake to increase the likelihood that their employees are accepting and accommodating of each other's differences. Discuss the importance of workplace diversity acceptance in producing a healthy and productive work environment. Suggest activities or policies that might lead to a greater acceptance of employee differences.

2 Management Techniques

In working to control the actions of individuals under them, managers can opt to adopt a number of different managerial techniques. Research management techniques recommended by researchers within the business field. Compare and contrast these management techniques, and discuss when each technique might be most appropriate. Explain why each technique is effective and how selecting and adopting one of the discussed management techniques could be advantageous to a fledgling manager.

3 Small Business Success

Small businesses face numerous success challenges. Research small businesses and compile a list of characteristics that are commonly found in small businesses that prove successful. Discuss ways in which those starting a small business can increase the likelihood of their business' success. Prescribe a course of action for those beginning businesses to follow to ensure that their endeavor proves fruitful.

4 Franchise Ownership

Some individuals find great success in buying an established franchise. Gather information on the process of franchise purchasing. Discuss the benefits and weaknesses of buying a stake in an established franchise instead of starting your own business concept. Explore reasons why buying a franchise may be a more advantageous choice as well as ways in which franchise ownership is less desirable than creating an independent start up.

5 Preparing for Globalization

Those entering the business world today commonly have to contend with globalization. Discuss how globalization complicates the process of owning and running a business as well as how it increases profitability. Gather information on what those studying business can do to prepare to compete in the global marketplace. Provide information on how globalization effects the market value of goods as well as the salaries of contemporary workers.

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