Everyone thinks that Libra is balanced. Actually, a Libra's goal is to become balanced. Known as the "sweethearts" of the Zodiac, a true Libra struggles with every decision and is easily persuaded one way or the other. And then they change their minds 10 minutes later, which can be hard to deal with. Try not to get frustrated.

Step 1

Apologize. Apologize again. Bring flowers. Bring tissues. Have a genuine heart-to-heart conversation.

Step 2

Pop some corn. Watch a movie. Cuddle. If it's not that kind of relationship, watch sports on TV or go to a ballgame -- it's the camaraderie that counts.

Step 3

Know that a Libra is usually more eager to end the disagreement than you are. It won't take a lot of work. Just be respectful and sincere.