Picture a stubborn goat jousting with an old tin can and you have an image of an irritated Capricorn. Their anger doesn't have to be rational; it may not have anything to do with you. Nonetheless, it's you they've aimed it at, so an apology is the quickest way to defuse it.

Apologize, even if you don't know what you've done. Emphasize that whatever the misunderstanding is, it must have been caused by you. Do this calmly, and emphasize that it must have been a miscommunication.

Continue on as if nothing is wrong. You've already put it behind you and you would be amazed to find that they're still carrying it around. Just be normal. Capricorn can tend to go off half-cocked, as they say, although they'll never admit it to you. Acting as if everything is normal allows them to save face.

Suggest an outing, a cup of coffee someplace or a short road trip to see some sights. Pack a picnic, and even take along some bubbles or something fun and silly, if it's appropriate.


  • A Capricorn's upset may have nothing to do with you. There's a good chance that they reacted to something you said or did just because everyone else had irritated them that day. Don't try to logic it out; you're wasting your time.


  • Capricorn is a complicated sign. Just remember that they seldom understand themselves any better than their friends do.