Anatomy of an Electrical Generator


Hi, I'm Sean Tvelia, and we're here at Suffolk County Community College to talk about the anatomy of an electrical generator. Electrical generators work based on a process known as electrical induction. Which is basically credit to Michael Faraday who discovered by passing a magnetic bar through coils of copper, you can create an electrical charge. So to create an electrical generator we simply have a coil surrounded by magnets and when we spin the coil within the magnets we create electrical charge that can then be used to run your lights or anything else with electricity. We can also have that same process using earth's magnetic field and here we have a similar situation. We have a coil moving around this circle and we have earth's magnetic field moving through the room. So as I turn the coil it becomes in line and out of line with earths magnetic field, changing the potential within the wires and creating an electrical conduit.

Professor Sean Tvelia is an Associate Professor of Geology at Suffolk County Community College.