Businesses and governments continually come up with ideas of all kinds, and some of them are easier than others to pull off. This especially is true when it comes to policy making. What might seem like a good idea at first may fall flat, and lawmakers might "table it," meaning let it drop for now.

Reasons to Table

An idea being "not feasible at the moment," meaning not doable, is a good reason to table an issue. For example, if a company has an software development idea but has difficulty recruiting programmers with the skills needed to do the job, it might table the idea until later. Lack of funds also causes ideas to be tabled. If a community wants to build a new road, for example, and state government doesn't have the money to disburse to that community, local leaders might decide to table the road project until funds become available. Tabling something also can mean ending the discussion on a topic indefinitely, according the the U.S. Senate website.