You can introduce toddlers to cutting out hearts using safety scissors.

Toddlers are at a perfect age to introduce all the components that make commemorating Valentine’s Day a fun adventure. You can show little ones how to make cards to send to special people in their lives, or celebrate the day through song, dance and stories. Whether you work at a daycare or teach early childhood, ideas abound that will produce a memorable day.

Design homemade cards with tots. This is the perfect time to introduce little ones to child safety scissors. Help toddlers cut out red hearts and glue-stick on pink index cards. Dip fingers in red washable paint and assist children as they stamp fingerprints in various positions over each heart. Create enough cards, so everyone has a valentine from each member of the group.

Demonstrate drawing a heart or flower on a white lunch bag using washable markers. Allow children to decorate their Valentine Day card container, and write each child’s name on their bag. Gather little ones in a circle with their bags and valentines in tote. Call on each child to place their homemade cards in each bag.

Set out red play dough and have kids flatten and cut out heart shapes using plastic cookie cutters. relates that manipulating clay helps toddlers develop fine motor skills.

Take kids outside for Valentine's Day games. Draw a heart on the ground using sidewalk chalk and distribute bean bags. Call on each child to take a turn tossing bean bags into the shape.

Things Needed

  • ['Pink index cards', 'Glue sticks', 'Washable markers', 'White lunch bags', 'Scissors', 'Construction paper', 'Sidewalk chalk', 'Small bean bags', 'Heart cookie cutters']