How to Use Logs & Powers


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov. And this is how to use logs and powers. Now logs stands for logarithms and they're a bit more advanced which are exponents. So, let's start with exponents. Now, if we want to do two squared, that's like saying two times two. And both of those equal four. If we said two to the third. That's like saying two times two times two. And that's going to equal eight. So, the number in the exponent is how many times you multiply the base by itself. So, two to the fourth will be two times two times two times two. Logs are very similar. So, let's take this phrase, two to the third equals eight. Well, with the log, we would say, log two eight equals three. Or, we can say log two-X equals three. And we'd want to solve for X. In which case we would solve by saying two to the third, which equals eight. So, I'm Charlie Kasov and that's how you solve for logs and powers.

Charlie Kasov has been tutoring high school mathematics since 2004. He is qualified to teach several math subjects, including geometry, algebra, trigonometry and probability.