How to Tell My Boyfriend I Don't Have Any Feelings for Him Anymore

If your feelings for your boyfriend have changed, it's important to be honest with him.
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Telling your boyfriend that you don't have feelings for him anymore is a difficult process. No one wants to hurt someone that they care about, even if love has cooled to friendship instead of romance. You can make the process less painful by being respectful and honest with your boyfriend.

1 Be Prepared

Telling your boyfriend that your feelings for him have changed is going to be painful for both of you. It is important to prepare what you want to say in advance so you can make your feelings clear and express yourself without getting emotional. Think about how your feelings have changed, why and whatever else you want him to know. Practice what you are going to say several times before talking to your boyfriend.

2 Be There

Modern technology makes it easy to avoid difficult conversations, but few things are more painful than receiving a breakup text or email. Unless your boyfriend has become violent or threatening, you owe him the courtesy of a face-to face conversation. However, your safety should always be your first concern. Arrange a time to meet with him in person but choose a public place like a coffee shop or fast food restaurant. Giving him the bad news in person will show that you still care about his feelings even if you don't love him anymore.

3 Be Honest

If your feelings for your boyfriend have changed, it is important to tell him as honestly as possible. Don't make vague statements, just tell him what's in your heart. Be clear about your feelings. This not only eases your boyfriend's pain but also determines whether you can remain friends in the future, according to the article, "How To Break Up With Someone And Not Destroy Them In The Process," by John Alex Clark on the Relationship Psychology website. Remember that honesty doesn't mean insensitivity. Don't make a list of all the things your boyfriend has done wrong; instead, keep the focus on expressing how your feelings have changed.

4 Be Strong

If your boyfriend still has feelings for you, he may try to convince you not to break up with him. This is why it is important to be emotionally strong when you talk to him. Staying in a relationship when your emotions have cooled isn't fair to either of you. If you truly don't have feelings for him anymore, you need to stick to your guns and tell him that the relationship is ending.

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