Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov and this is how to solve improper fractions. Now improper fractions are fractions in which the numerator is more then the denominator. So for example three fifths is a normal fraction or proper. But five thirds is an improper fraction. Now to solve an improper fraction we just have to turn it into a mixed number. So five over three is not proper. What we can say though is that five over three is equal to three over three plus two over three. Now I turned it into three over three because that's one. That's your first integer. So we can call this one and two thirds. Now with a bigger number for example seven over three, I would say that that's also equal to six over three plus one over three. Six over three is two. Notice I'm choosing multiples of three for my numerator. Because then I can call this two and one third. So that's how you solve improper fractions.