Similarities Between Line Graphs With Equations & Inequalities


Hi, I'm Charlie Kasov, and this is "similarities between line graphs with equations and inequalities." Now, they're very much the same. For example, if we have y equals two X, y is less than two X, and y is less than or equal to two X. All of them are going to be graphed with, roughly, this line, going through. If this is the X axis, and this is the Y axis. However, it's only a solid line with the arrows going like this for y equals two X. If we wanted to graph it for y is less than two X, we would make it a dashed line, and there would be open points at the end of the line segment, for this one. If we wanted y is less than or equal to two X, we would do the dashed line again, but there would be closed points on the ends. However, everything else is the same, with the line. The line would follow exactly the same path.

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