Self Awareness Activities in Primary School Children

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Self awareness is an important part of being human. It is one of the things that separates us from most other animals. There are a number of activities that you can develop in your primary or kindergarten school classroom to help your students understand what it means to be self aware.

1 Self-Esteem

A good sense of self is necessary in developing a healthy self-esteem. Exercises that discuss uniqueness can help a child understand that what makes her different makes her special. An exercise for promoting a healthy sense of self could be to ask each child what she likes about herself. It's important to not focus only on physical features, but also things that she is good at or enjoys, like art.

2 Favorite Things

Ask each of your students to create a list of his favorite things. The list could include Fluffy the cat, Charlie Brown, chocolate ice cream and so on. One of the best ways to develop self-awareness is for a child to see that while he has many things in common with others, there is no one who is exactly like him.

3 Self-Portrait

Have students create a self-portrait that they can use in several ways. Provide drawing or construction paper, crayon, markers or paint along with any other of craft materials you think students will need to complete the self-portrait. Once done, hold up each self-portrait and ask students to guess who it is a picture of. Alternatively, place student self-portraits on the walls of your classroom.

4 Self-Awareness Stories

Use storytelling hour to teach your primary students about what makes one person different than another, such as her name, the place she was born, and the language she speaks, by talking about the characters in the story. Another approach is to ask students to help you create an original story by coming up with the names of characters in your story as well as characteristics of each character.

Daniel Ketchum holds a Bachelor of Arts from East Carolina University where he also attended graduate school. Later, he taught history and humanities. Ketchum is experienced in 2D and 3D graphic programs, including Photoshop, Poser and Hexagon and primarily writes on these topics. He is a contributor to sites like Renderosity and Animotions.