Science Projects on Oceanology


Hi, I'm Sean Tvelia, and we're here at Suffolk County Community College to discuss some simple science projects involving oceanology. Now, oceanology is really the practical use of another science oceanography, and oceanography studies the world's oceans. The quality of the ocean, the temperature of the oceans, really takes it from an economical standpoint and studies how changes in oceanography can affect economics. So, science projects in oceanology are a little difficult, but they're made possible in much greater detail these days because of the Internet and the availability of satellite data. Using satellite data, we can actually have access, such as sea temperature, chlorophyll abundance in the oceans, and these changes in oceanography have a dramatic impact on economics, especially in coastal environments where we rely on fishing. Now, changes in temperature may actually cause some species to leave an area and have a dramatic impact on fisheries. Now this happens as a result because as temperature rises, oxygen levels decrease in the ocean, and when oxygen decreases in an ocean, fish don't do so well. Now, some of the Internet sources that we can use, such as Giovanni, which is a NASA-based website that allows access to modeling software allowing you to actually map sea temperature changes over time and study how those temperature changes affect the economics in the area. And that is just one way that you can use the Internet and to produce some science projects in oceanology.

Professor Sean Tvelia is an Associate Professor of Geology at Suffolk County Community College.