What Is Romantic Tension?

Communicate clearly to determine if you both feel the same way.
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When you feel a spark of attraction toward someone who also seems to feel a spark with you, it's not unusual to wonder what that energy between the two you is all about. When you understand the scope and likely effects of romantic tension, you can more accurately assess what the future holds. Whether you're good friends or barely acquainted, you can avoid uncomfortable situations by having a grasp on your own emotions.

1 Temporary or Lasting Attraction

Before you experience closeness and commitment in a relationship, there comes the initial attraction. If you feel a great deal of romantic tension -- the sort that causes simultaneous nervousness and excitement -- in someone's presence, you are likely experiencing a strong pull toward that person based on your "chemistry," which has to do with the physical or sexual interest you have for each other, according to the TeensHealth website. Even if you never thought of a friend in a romantic light, a simple and friendly hug can open the door to more romantic feelings, creating romantic tension. If you've given yourself time to make sure the feelings are not fleeting, it may be worthwhile to address the possibility of dating the person to whom you're so attracted.

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