Big pores rear their ugly heads for numerous reasons such as genetics, oily skin, collagen loss and sun damage. Because so many factors go in to creating large pores, it takes a multipronged approach to get rid of them. No matter what some products say, there is no way to snap your fingers and instantly rid yourself of enlarged pores. Ultimately, developing a healthy skin-care regimen is the quickest and most effective approach for cutting back on unsightly pores.

Step 1

Wash your face daily with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser. It may seem obvious, but pores become noticeable when they trap bacteria -- keeping them clean makes them far less visible. Avoid bar soaps, as the ingredients that help them keep their shape can clog pores. Before you wash your face, rest it under a warm wash cloth for a few minutes to open your pores. This makes for a more effective pore-cleansing daily wash.

Step 2

Exfoliate once per week. Like daily face washing, this opens your pores and allows you to deep clean them. Use an exfoliating brush or exfoliating scrub, such as a scrub with small exfoliating beads or a salicylic acid exfoliant, to reveal new skin, minimize blackheads and hydrate. If using a scrub, massage it gently into your face to avoid overexfoliating, which leads to irritated skin.

Step 3

Cut back on oily or greasy skin-care products such as lotions and creams. Emollient products such as this often clog pores, leading to an enlarged appearance.

Step 4

Apply a pore-reducing toner twice daily. These gel or liquid products contain skin-healing antioxidants that help reduce breakouts and normalize pore size.

Step 5

Avoid touching your skin -- this includes trying to squeeze out blackheads yourself. The more you touch, the more oily your skin becomes and the more likely you are to transfer bacteria, making for bigger pores. Likewise, stay away from smoking and sunbathing, both of which cause enlarged pores.

Step 6

Visit your dermatologist for a facial or a skin softening and extraction. This offers a quick fix, but it's vital to maintain your skin in-between visits. In a pinch, turn to adhesive strips to remove blackheads, but limit your use of these products as overuse of strips may cause dilated capillaries and sensitive skin.