Having a clingy boyfriend might be flattering at first, but after a while you may start to become bored and even exhausted. It can be difficult to try to satisfy someone who never seems content or constantly demands your time and attention. Although you may be afraid of your boyfriend's reaction when you end your relationship, there is no reason to hesitate or put off your breakup. You can get rid of a clingy boyfriend and start to enjoy freedom in your life again.

Step 1

Figure out a plan of action. In order to be efficient, decide ahead of time how exactly you are going to end your relationship. You may be nervous that your boyfriend will try to change your mind. If this is the case, be deliberate about breaking up with your boyfriend in a public place, so that if he tries to start a commotion, you will be safe in the presence of others. Figure out the perfect time and location as well as the clear and concise words you will use.

Step 2

Be direct. Explain that you are ending your relationship, and that there is no room for negotiation. Tell your boyfriend that you will no longer see him, and clarify that you will not also not pursue a friendship with him. Do not try to spare his feelings by telling him that you still like him but that a relationship is not right for you. Hearing the truth will make him feel better in the long run, even if it is difficult at first.

Step 3

Resist manipulation. If your boyfriend tries to manipulate you, leave immediately. You do not have to sit and listen to the reasons why you should stay with him when you have already made up your mind. This is the very reason you are ending the relationship in the first place. Be firm and do not be afraid to walk away. You will feel better about yourself and enjoy the freedom that comes with making a positive decision for yourself.

Step 4

Send him an email after you have ended the relationship. Include the reasons you are ending your relationship, in case your boyfriend is tempted to ask you questions. You will not have to stay around and answer all the inquiries he has for you if you have your answers written down ahead of time. However, avoid relying on the email as your only means of ending the relationship. Emails, text messages and other technological message delivery systems are not the best way to end a romantic relationship, according to Denise Mann on WebMD.