How to Restore Naturally Curly Hair From Damage

Damaged curls need an infusion of hydration.
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Healthy, happy curls have a natural bounce and shine, but too much styling can dry them out fast. Heat damage takes a serious toll on delicate hair, leaving locks looking frizzy and fried. Hairspray, gel and similar products don't help, either -- they weigh curls down with a load of harsh chemical ingredients. No matter the type of damage, it's not too late to fix it. Give your curls a dose of hydration and they'll perk back up in no time.

Clean your hair with a hydrating shampoo, such as one that contains argan or sunflower-seed oil. These oils moisturize damaged hair but don't weigh curls down.

Hydrate hair with a kertain-based conditioner two or three times per week. Massage the conditioner into curly locks, and pay particular attention to the ends of your hair. With the conditioner still on, blow-dry your hair with warm air for a few minutes -- the heat helps the conditioner penetrate hair. Rinse your tresses well in the shower.

Apply a deep conditioner once a week after shampooing. Leave the conditioner in your hair, then heat a large bowl of water in the microwave for three minutes. Protect your hands with a pair of rubber gloves. Soak a medium-size towel in the water, then wring out excess water. Wait for the towel to cool for a minute. Wrap the towel around your hair, wait for five minutes and then rinse. This steam treatment opens cuticles and soothes stressed locks.

Combine 1 cup of plain yogurt, one banana, one egg, 2 tablespoons of honey and three drops of lavender oil in a large bowl. Mix well, then smooth the solution over clean hair. Wait about 40 minutes, then rinse hair with cool water. This mixture conditions and heals hair naturally.

Pat your hair dry with a towel after washing, but do not rub. Air dry hair if possible. If you can't do that, spray hair with a panthenol-based heat protectant before blow-drying. To reduce heat damage, connect a nozzle attachment to the end of the hair dryer. Hold the dryer about 6 to 8 inches away from your head.

Reduce your use of heated styling tools, such as curling irons or flat irons. If you must use heated tools, let your hair dry completely first beforehand and apply a heat-protectant spray. Turn down the tool's heat to the lowest possible level and only go over a section of hair once to minimize damage.

Treat frizzy locks with a split-end sealing serum. These products temporarily seal split ends, making your hair look like it's just been trimmed.

  • You can test your hair's health in seconds with just a glass of water. Pull a single strand of hair from your head, then drop it into cool water. If the hair sinks fast, it has little moisture and not enough protein. Healthy hair will float.

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