Are you looking for some quick assessments to give your ESL or ELL students during the first few days of school? Read on for some suggestions on how to do a quick assessment with English Language Learners.

Letters Show students a copy the lower case and upper case alphabet. Ask students to tell you the letter names and letter sounds for each letter.

Counting Using counters, bingo chips, small blocks, beans or noodles ask students to count by 1's up to whatever number that is appropriate for his or her grade level.

In addition to this show students different numbers to see if they can "name" the numbers.

Speaking Show students "real" pictures or pictures from a non-fiction book that shows "action" or "interaction". Ask student "What is happening?" or "What is _ doing?"

Listening Comprehension Ask students a number of different questions. For example

"What is your name?" "Where are you from?" "How old are you?" "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Give various commands such as "stand up" "jump" "clap" "open your eyes" "close your eyes" "touch your nose"

Were students able to respond to your questions and commands?

Reading and Writing Ask students to write a quick passage and read a short text (if age appropriate)