Qualities of a Good Mayor

A good mayor needs communication skills to move others to action.

Being a mayor is a difficult job. A mayor does not have the same influence and authority as a private industry CEO. Often, mayors require more persuasion skills than decision skills to run a city. Therefore, a mayor must have certain intrinsic abilities that will allow him to help the community he leads.

1 Honesty

A good mayor should only promise what he can control. Although good intentions are laudable, a good, honest mayor knows that there are more people involved in the decision-making process. Thus, making promises on issues over which he has no control will only disillusion the people he leads.

2 Management and Leadership Skills

Management is the ability to move others from Point A to Point B. Leadership is knowing where Point B is located. The mayor is the one who provides direction to the community. The best mayors should exhibit a vision for the future and should be able to sell that vision to the public.

3 Good Communication Skills

A mayor should have good communication skills, especially the ability to listen. Because a characteristic of a good mayor is selling the vision of the future to others, he must have excellent communications skills to persuade others above him to move in the direction he desires; he must convince others to join him in his vision.

4 Will to Make Tough Decisions

Some politicians will not address issues that they know will make them unpopular. This should not be the case with a good mayor. He should not be scared to tackle issues affecting the community, regardless of how difficult or unpopular these issues may be.

Gaby Hernandez has been writing biblical discourses and essays on religious topics since 1998. In 2008, she began writing articles on early human development and the difficulties of adolescence that were published on an online outlet. Hernandez holds a Bachelor of Arts in child and adolescent development from California State University, Northridge.