List of Important Skills Expected of High School Graduates

Whether he chooses college or career, your teen needs strongly developed skills.
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High school students are busy building skills in a number of areas. Besides improving their basic academic skills such as language, math and science, they are developing employability skills that will help them succeed in their future careers. Whether your teen chooses to go directly to the workforce or on to college, he will be expected to graduate high school with a variety of important skills.

1 Language Skills

Teens are expected to graduate high school with effective written and verbal language skills. This includes reading text, identifying the central theme of a story and recognizing the introduction, body and conclusion of an essay. They should be able to restate the theme and key points in their own words. Through actively participating in group work and class discussions, graduates will be expected to have developed verbal skills to take into the workplace in order to ask appropriate questions and follow directions.

2 Critical Thinking Skills

The critical thinking skills that teens learn through their high school studies should serve them well in college and in their chosen careers. High school provides opportunities for students to solve problems independently and in groups. To complete assignments successfully, teens use skills such as brainstorming, evaluating ideas, research and reasoning. They develop their abilities to reason logically and apply their knowledge to new environments and situations.

3 Employability Skills

The high school years provide teens with many skills that will make them more employable in the future. The skills developed in school -- reading, mathematics, public speaking, creativity -- will help make them effective members of the work force. Regardless of the industry he chooses, your high school grad will be more likely to succeed if he has learned effective work habits and a sense of responsibility. Encourage your teen to plan out his homework routine and schedule enough time to meet deadlines and give proper thought to assignments.

4 Personal Management Skills

Just about any work environment benefits from employees who interact well with others. Your teen will be expected to graduate high school with effective self-management skills, such as tact, diplomacy and the ability to listen to others. He can improve on these skills by doing volunteer work and participating in household duties. Ensure he can perform tasks such as doing his own laundry and driving responsibly. Teach him how to open a bank account, balance a checkbook and complete a job application effectively.

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